Travel Solo, Not Alone

Helping you take your first solo trips with confidence

Travel Solo, Not Alone

We help you confidently travel solo so that you can experience, discover, and celebrate your world - and yourself.

Everything about this community has been built with you in mind. Traveling solo doesn't mean you have to go at it alone. 

Through the community we support one another, share travel recommendations and inspiration, and grow together as travelers!

We are here to help you travel solo, not alone.

This community is a safe space for all women.

Note from the Founder

Hi, I'm Priyanka!

The first time I took a solo trip I was incredibly anxious. I'm an extrovert and I was worried about being lonely. How would I meet people? What if I hated it? Should I just wait until someone could travel with me? What about personal safety? Could I even do this?

If you've found yourself asking similar questions, just know that you're not alone. 

There are so many rewarding reasons to take a solo trip - from freedom and flexibility to getting away from routines to challenging yourself. We are here to help you confidently take your first solo trip and every single solo trip after. 

Through this community, you'll travel solo, not alone.

Joining this community is the first step towards taking your solo trip. All you need to do is join, create your profile, and tell us what trip you want to take next. We're here for you every step of the way.

We are not just another travel FB group

Well, for one, this isn't Facebook. 

This community is thoughtfully organized so that all of the information you need to take your solo trip is at your fingertips.

We believe that with each trip you take, your confidence as a solo traveler will only grow and we are excited to be a part of your journey.

This community is a safe space to interact with other travelers, join us on trips, access a database of solo traveler recommendations for destinations around the world, get help trip planning, and so much more!

We encourage you to share your travel experiences and seek advice from other Hera travelers. We will challenge any preconceived notions you have about a destination and help you grow both as a traveler and a person. Plus, you'll get to meet some incredible women from around the world. 

As a Hera Traveler you'll get access to:

  • A private community web platform and mobile app that are easy to use and customizable to your interests (again, this is not FB!)
  • Access to our travel solo, not alone trips 
  • Ungoogleable travel advice from our members
  • Travel information curated by destination so you don't have to spend countless hours scouring the internet 
  • Guidance in planning your next trip - including perks such as hotel upgrades, credit, and more.
  • The opportunity to meet up with other members on your trips 
  • Most importantly, a supportive and friendly network of women travelers of all backgrounds!

Why the name Hera Travel?

Hera is the Greek goddess of womanhood. 

She was seen in Ancient Greece as a powerful and immortal figure. That strength and power is something that we want to channel as we help women travel safely. 

Plus, Hera has the word “Her” in it and that’s just cool. 

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